2.0: Is Akshay Kumar Really A Typical Villain?

Akshay Kumar playing as villain brought more craze to Rajinikanth’s 2.0. This film has set records as the most expensive film ever made in India. It is set for a grand release world wide across 10,000 screens on November 29.

Akshay is portrayed as a ‘crow man’ in the trailer. His beastly looks make us assume that he is playing a cruel role in the film. Director Shankar’s words saying that Akshay is not just a villain but something more than that, allows us to assume that Akshay is not playing a regular villain character.

Shankar’s original choice for Akshay’s role in 2.0 were Kamal Haasan and well known Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Kamal was not interested to play a negative role. Arnold was dropped on remuneration issues. At the end it was offered to Akshay, and he readily agreed.

This is not the first time for Akshay to play a negative role. He played a negative role in a 2001 bollywood film named ‘Ajnabee’. We all know that Rajinikanth himself played both as a hero and a villain (in Chitti’s role) in ‘Robo’. 2.0 is also having the character ‘Chitti’. Is this character going to be a positive one or Chitti’s character is again going to appear as a villain, is kept secretly.

Akshay’s actual role in the film will be revealed only after watching the film tomorrow. This film features Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson as the lead pair.

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