Allu Sirish’s ABCD Trailer

Watch the Official Trailer from the movie ‘ABCD: American Born Confused Desi’ starring Allu Sirish, Rukshar Dhillon, Naga Babu and Master Bharath.

ABCD: American-Born Confused Desi is the official remake of Malayalam hit film of the same name. The original version of the film was made on a budget of Rs 4.5 crore and collected about Rs 12.5 crore at the box office.

‘ABCD’ movie is directed by Sanjeev Reddy and produced by Madhura Sreedhar Reddy and Yash Rangineni. Kannada’s top music director Jodha Sandhy composed music.

Allu Sirish's ABCD Trailer

Allu Sirish’s ABCD Trailer |

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