Upasana Reveals Why Ram Charan Married Her

Upasana Reveals Why Ram Charan Married Her

Upasana Reveals Why Ram Charan Married Her

Ram Charan and his wife Upasana are on a vacation to Africa ahead of their 8th wedding anniversary. They have shared some photos taken with wild animals at Serengeti National Park. They always try to set some serious relationship goals not only to their friends, fans but to everyone.

Ram Charan and Upasana Konidela got married on June 14, 2012, and the couple is celebrating seven years of togetherness.

This morning, Upasana Konidela took her Instagram account to share a picture in which she is seen playing with two lions. She also wrote, “Now u know why Mr C married me ! On a more serious note: #Africa taught us so many lessons -respect mother nature, observe & learn from the wild, follow ur animal instincts & respect nature & animals. Mr C & I were very fortunate to witness wildlife in its wildest format – we’re scared this experience might not last for the generations ahead.”

Upasana Kamineni Konidela added, “Time to get our act together. Small changes make a big difference. Everything adds up. It’s time for u to figure how u can help. The picture above is a #throwback form a lion conservation / rehabilitation centre / orphanage in Africa. Don’t encourage zoo’z. let the animals be wild – it’s their right. #ramcharan.”

Ram Charan will start shooting for Rajamuli’s ‘RRR’ soon. He recovered from the ankle injury.

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