Mangala (1951) Cast and Crew

Release Date: 14 January

Synopsis: Mangala (Bhanumathi), the charming daughter of a rich farmer, is very haughty by temperament. When Prince Sugunapal (Ranjan) fails to win her love, he throws a challenge that he would marry her and then imprison her for life, denying her the marital bliss. She counter-challenges him that she would bear a child from him and make the child whip him in his court.
The prince marries her and puts her in a lonely palace. She makes her father (Doraiswamy) dig a tunnel from the palace to her village, sneaks through it to her house and learns dance. Disguised as a gypsy, she entices the Prince, secretly gives birth to a child, and when he grows up (Ranjan – dual role) gets her vow fulfilled through him. Realisation dawns on the Prince and the tale ends on a happy note.

Cast: Bhanumathi (Mangala), Ranjan (Sugunapal and his son), Surya Prabha, TR Ramachandran (Singaram), Indira Acharya (Rathi), Surabhi Kamalabai, Doraiswamy, L. Narayana Rao, Kolathu Mani, TE Krishnamacharya, Srivatsava, Vijaya Rao, Lakshmanan, Master Pawan Sarin

Dialogue and Lyrics: Tapi Dharma Rao

Music: MD Parthasarathy, Saluri Rajeswara Rao

Cinematography: Kamal Ghosh

Editing: Chandru

Producer: Gemini Vasan

Director: Chandru

Banner: Gemini Studios

Trivia: This was a remake of Tamil hit film MAGAMMA SABADHAM (1943).
Bhanumathi was paid a remuneration of Rs. 1 lakh for both Telugu and Hindi versions. Hindi version also had the same title.
Ranjan was the hero in the original and he was retained to play the lead role in both Telugu and Hindi versions.
The film was remade in 1965 as MAGAMMA SAPATHAM by DVS Raju with NT Rama Rao and Jamuna in the lead and Vanisri reprised the role played by Indira Acharya. Vithalacharya was the director.
Though MD Parthasarathy was the music director, Vasan, the producer, retained for the Telugu and Hindi versions one tune composed earlier by Saluri Rajeswara Rao (music director for the original Tamil version) – ‘Ayyayyayyo Seppa Siggu Aayene’.