Vinaya Vidheya Rama: ‘Thandaane’ Single – Melodious And Heart Touching

Vinaya Vidheya Rama still

Vinaya Vidheya Rama : Impressive ‘Thandhaane’ song

‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ is the first film coming with combination of Ram Charan and director Boyapati Srinu. As the film gets ready for the upcoming Sankranthi battle, the lyrical video of the first song is released on YouTube on December 3.

‘Thandhaane Thandhaane Thandhaane Thandhaane.. Choosaaraa Ye Chotainaa Inthaanandhaanne.. Thandhaane Thandhaane Thandhaane Thandhaane.. Kannaaraa Evarainaa Prathi Rojoo Pandagane..’, the song goes on like this. Devisri Prasad composed this song which is penned by young lyricist Srimani, and sung by MLR Karthikeyan.

With the lines ‘Ye Thiyyadhanam Manasupadi Raasindho Entho Andhangaa Ee Thalaraathalane.. Ye Chirunavvu Runapaduthoo Geesindho Thanake Roopamgaa Ee Bommalane..’, he describes the beauty and good-heartedness of the people living in a house.

From the lines ‘Oka Chethiloni Geethale Oka Theerugaa Kalisundave.. Oka Veli Mudhralo Polike Maroka Velilo Kanipinchadhe.. Ekkada Puttina Vaallo Ye Dhikkuna Modhalainollo Oka Gundeku Chappudu Ayyaarugaa.. Ye Ningina Gaali Pataalo Ye Thotana Virisina Poolo OKa Vaakita Okatai Unnaarugaa..’ it seems that they don’t belong to one family but came from somewhere and living together.

The lines ‘Ee Intilona Irukundadhe Prathi Manasulona Chotundhile.. Ee Nadakakepudoo Alupundadhe Gelipinchu Aduge Thodundhile.. Vidi Vidigaa Veellu Padhaale Okatayyina Vaakyamalle Oka Thiyyati Artham Cheppaarugaa.. Vidi Vidigaa Veellu Swaraale Kalagalipina Raagamalle Oka Kammani Paatai Nilichaarugaa…’ makes it clear that all those living in that house are open-hearted, and they have support of a person.

Even though they are separate people they are happily leading a meaningful life, looks like this is the essence of the song.

Does this song sung by the hero or played in background is not clear. It is indeed a lovely song. As we are aware of the Boyapati Srinu’s style, he might be using this song to introduce the people living in a house. This song which is beautifully tuned by Devi Sri Prasad and magnificently penned by lyricist Srimani is definitely going to impress the audience. The more you listen the song the more you experience the goodness of it.

Ram Charan and Kiara Advani is the lead pair of this film, Prakash, Sneha and Aryan Rajesh play key roles while Vivek Oberoi is seen as a villain.

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