Hansika’s Film ‘Maha’: Decoding Posters

Hansika's Film 'Maha': Decoding Posters

‘Maha’ marks the 50th film of Hansika Motwani, which is a crime thriller drama. The makers of the film designed some unique looking posters, and releasing them one by one, increasing the curiosity among viewers. Decoding those posters for you.

First Poster

Hansika is seen wearing a saffron out-fit, sitting on a elegant chair, smoking from a chillum, and surrounded by sadhus with Varanasi as back drop. This poster has landed her in a controversy. Other poster released simultaneously shows the various facets of Hansika, with a lot of mirrors. Each mirror having a different look of the actress.

Hansika's Film 'Maha': Decoding Posters

Second Poster

Hansika is seen wearing a burqa and praying in front of a mosque, while her shadow holding a gun is seen pointing it towards her. This poster was released on Christmas Eve.

Hansika's Film 'Maha': Decoding Posters

Third Poster

Hansika Motwani was seen talking bath in a bathtub filled with blood and holding a gun in a creepy looking room.  This poster was released on New Year’s Eve.

Hansika's Film 'Maha': Decoding Posters

Fourth  Poster

Today, on the eve of Sankranthi, makers of the film unveiled a new poster of the film ‘Maha’. Hansika is seen sitting on a couch reading a burning newspaper.

‘Maha’ is UR Jameel’s directional debut and music composer Ghibraan’s 25th film. Actor Srikanth will be seen playing an important role.