Shakuntala (1932) Cast and Crew

Cast: Yadavalli Suryanarayana (Dushyanth), Surabhi Kamalabai (Shakuntala), Bakurupanda Venkata Rao, Nellore Naga Raja Rao

Producer: Ambalal M. Patel

Director: Sarvottam Badami

Banner: Select Pictures Circuit (Bangalore)

Trivia: Surabhi Kamala Bai played the protagonist’s role in Bhakta Prahlada – the first Telugu talkie. But how many of us know she was born on stage while her mother Leelavati, a veteran theatre artiste, was giving a performance. Leelavati was playing the character of a pregnant woman, and the crowd for a moment thought Kamala’s birth was part of the play. Elated as they were, they threw coins while the pregnant mother actually wreathed in pain.